Monday, April 4, 2011

A Sweet, Little Place of Douceur De France at Roswell

We stopped by at this small French cafe hidden in Roswell. Douceur De France didn't look like a restaurant; it looked more like place where I can get my taxes done.

Luckily, they did have a big sign to let people know how to find them from the street. Just look for the sign shown in the photo below. If you look carefully at the photo, you can even see a small Eiffel Tower.

Their sign, look for it or you'll miss it.
The place felt small but cozy. It definitely felt like a French bistro. I felt like there could be mimes outside, violins playing in the background, and romance in the air. Okay, I'm just exaggerating. The only thing outside was a busy Roswell street. The only Eiffel Tower you'll see is their dinky miniature version, and the only French you'll hear is the owner's strong French accent. Other than that, it still felt like a small, cozy, European place. 

Although since it had that French atmosphere, Douceur De France did seem popular with women. I don't know why, but French crap seems draw girls in, like catnip to cats. 

La Bonne Nourriture

When I got the menu, I noticed how many choices they offered. I could not decide on what I wanted. I wanted to try so many things on the menu, but I didn't know if my budget and stomach could take it.

Mrs. Kitty ordered a small side salad to start off. It looked quite boring. The salad came with golden Italian dressing. The dressing made the salad tasty. Even though the salad looked boring, the dressing made it not that boring.

Pretty plain-Jane side salad.
We also ordered the chicken pot pie. I liked this dish a lot. The pastry they put the chicken had a nice, flakey texture. It also tasted delicious. They made the creamy mushroom parmesan sauce near perfectly. I really liked that sauce. The dish had tons of flavor and texture.

They didn't have much chicken in there though. It felt like I just ate croissant in mushroom sauce. But I didn't mind. It tasted good enough that I didn't miss the chicken too much. But they should've put more chicken in there in my opinion.

Chicken pot pie. Yum.

We also ordered the beef bourguinon. It tasted good but not as good as the chicken pot pie. You can order it with rice or french bread. Since I'm Asian,  I ordered it over rice. It had a strong red wine flavor. The beef seemed tender enough. Overall, I liked the dish.

Beef bourguignon, not as yum as the chicken pot pie.
For dessert, we ordered some crepes. Maybe it's a girl thing, but I guess I'm not a huge fan of crepes. Every crepe I ate all seemed just okay.

Mrs. Kitty loved the crepes, however; but I didn't dig it too much. It just looked and tasted too dinky for me. This is probably one reason I don't order desserts at restaurants–I can get a more satisfying dessert when I come back home and eat a tub full of ice cream.

We ordered 2 crepes: one with real strawberries and other with strawberry preserves. The strawberries that came with the crepe tasted fresh, but I preferred the strawberry preserve version. Their whipped cream seemed homemade and that helped to add to the dish. Once again, like all dessert crepes I ate, the crepes tasted decent but not super exciting.

Crepe with strawberry preserve

Crepe with Nutella and real strawberries.
Overall, I liked the food at Douceur De France. I would love to come back and try their omelets, french toast, and other stuff. Many things on the menu looked good.

La Lenteur du Service

The whole atmosphere seemed very mellow and easygoing, and Douceur De France definitely seemed to demonstrate that with their service as well. So don't come here if have to eat fast and leave hurry. It appeared as a place where you sit down and leisurely enjoy your breakfast, brunch, or lunch. I guess they really wanted to give the French charm, down to the leisurely service.

Mr. Kitty gives Douceur De France 4 paws up.

Douceur De France
1173 Alpharetta St
Roswell, GA 30075
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  1. Try the cheesecake. Even a non-dessert person will really like it.