Monday, April 18, 2011

Joey D's Oak Room–A Huge Place

This is truly an American restaurant. You can tell by its name. Its name is not some fancy sounding French or Italian name. It's Joey D's Oak Room. That sounds pretty American to me. It certainly lives up to the American standard: bigger, badder, and better.

The inside looks huge. It seems like a popular place for parties or any big group of people. They also have a huge collection of alcohol. It's so big, they need a ladder to reach certain bottles. 

That's a lot of alcohol. 

I thought the food tasted good overall. I did not realize how big the portions were. So I kind of overstepped my stomach's boundaries.

We ordered some Honey Butter Croissants. They had a buttery and sweet taste–like what its name implied. It was also very soft and tasted delicious thanks to its overabundance of butter and honey. It had so much honey on it, it was very sticky. It kind of tasted like a glazed doughnut. They were huge too. One could almost be a meal itself.

Ginormormous Honey Butter Croissants. Very good.
I also ordered the She Crab Soup. it came in a huge bowl. I guess at Joey D's, appetizer means it serves 4.

They definitely loaded the soup up with tons of cream, butter, crabs, and other stuff. It felt so heavy, I couldn't finish it. Which surprised me since I usually clean up all my dishes. I did like the taste. But I think they should shrink the size by half.

Giant Bowl of She Crab Soup.
The side salad Mrs. Kitty ordered tasted delicious. It also came with its own Honey Butter Croissant. Like the soup, it also came in a gigantic bowl. The Brooklyn French dressing tasted incredible. It had a strong horseradish taste and gave the salad a very nice flavor. If you get a salad here, try the Brooklyn French dressing.

The biggest and the baddest side salad you'll see. 

Unfortunately, my Low Carb Filet Mignon salad was the low point of my meal. It was pretty boring. The filet Mignon was too dry. The salad didn't have any dressing either. I think it was suppose to come with dressing, but it didn't. Epic Fail.  I should've gotten the house salad instead.

Filet Mignon Salad. Boooorrrrriiiinnnnng
Mrs. Kitty also got the Prime Rib. That tasted juicy, tender and delicious. It also didn't seem too fatty.  They cooked it to a perfect medium rare.

Prime Rib with Sauteed Spininch and Au jus.
Expect a lot of food at Joey D's. Unless you're sharing the appetizers with 4-5 people, don't order them. You won't be able to finish your main entree. But I guess you can take it to go and eat it as leftovers.

The price is steep, but I think you get the right quantity and quality of food you pay for. Mr. Kitty gives this place 4 paws up.

Joey D's Oak Room
1015 Crown Pointe Pkwy
Atlanta, GA 30338
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