Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Meat Heaven at Fogo De Chao

What else can you say about Fogo De Chao that hasn't been said already? If you don't know, Fogo De Chao is probably the best Brazilian churrascaria in Atlanta. A churrascaria is a Brazilian steakhouse. Basically, gauchos—Brazilian cowboys, although I'm not sure if Fogo hires real Brazilian cowboys—stick a sword through some chunk of meat, salt it, and cook it over fire. A good churrascaria is known for their grilling technique, their seasoning technique, and their cuts of meat. 

I've been to Fogo a lot, and I love them. But I always dread going there because most Atlanta churrascarias suck. Other churrascarias usually over-salt or overcook the meat. So I always think Fogo is the same and think they'll suck. Luckily, I'm wrong all the time. Fogo knows how to cook their meat. Also, it's all you can eat. Where else can you eat tons of fillet mignon, picanha, top sirloin  and other great meats until you're about to burst?

Their gauchos work fast. They need to work as fast as possible so they can satisfy their meat-hungry, blood-thirsty customers. Those gauchos work so fast, they won't even pause long enough for me to take a decent picture. 

Besides their meat, their salad bar is the best I've experienced in Atlanta. Besides your fresh, common vegetables like lettuce, beets, and tomatoes; the salad bar also includes vegetables that many people in Atlanta might not have seen before like hearts of palm and certain peppers. Their salad bar also includes great cold meats and excellent cheeses.

I like the salad bar so much, sometimes I come here just for the salad bar. It's cheaper than the meat option. Although, I always regret it because of the delicious aroma of grilled meat.

Standard salad stuff

See those bright red peppers at the bottom? Try those, they're very hot but good. 

Gigantic asparagus, hearts of palm, and Tabbouleh 

Fresh mozzarella, some peppers, and salmon. 
If those weren't enough, they also have great sides such as yucca—where you have to ask for—polentas, garlic mashed potatoes, fried bananas, and their awesome cheese rolls. If you love to eat, then Fogo is a great place for you. They will find a way to make you full for the entire week. They have every option you want whether you're a vegetarian, a meat lover, or a regular omnivore. Everything, from meats to breads to vegetables, at Fogo tastes great. Mr. Kitty gives this place 4.5 paws up.

Fogo De Chao
3101 Piedmont Rd NE
Atlanta, GA 30305
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