Thursday, March 31, 2011

(Mostly) Carnivorous Eats at Seo Ra Beol

Ah, Korean BBQ–one of the best types of bbq out there. Ever since Hae Woon Dae started to go downhill a few years ago, I haven't found an excellent Korean BBQ place in Atlanta. So how did Seo Ra Beol fare?

Seo Ra Beol is located in Duluth, like most other Korean places. They open 24 hours, 7 days a week. So after a long night partying in midtown, you can drive all the way to Duluth to have some late night grub.

I did find out, however, like the other 24/7 Korean places I know, the service tends to go downhill the later you come. I didn't come that late, but the waitresses seemed a bit absent minded. They seemed to be a step late in serving certain dishes. Maybe they just needed a cat nap.

Banchans - Stuff You Eat the Meat With

Being a good little Korean restaurant, they brought out their banchans. They served us mostly your basic, boring banchans. They did have some exotic banchans like pickled crabs.

It seemed strange, however. We came with a fairly large group, and the servers didn't distribute the banchans evenly. So one side of the table got certain banchans the other side didn't get. I thought it seemed a bit odd.

My Side of the table got these boring banchans. The other side got the good stuff.

The Best Part (as always): The Meats!

The banchans aren't the stars of this place anyway, so it's okay. The main stars should be the meat! I did like the meat. We ordered the rib tips, the rib eye, the marinated rib eyes, pork belly, and other stuff that I can't remember. They all tasted good. I liked the marinated rib eyes the best.
I can smell it sizzle now.

Like traditional Korean BBQ places, Seo Ra Beol gives you lettuce to make your "meat burrito" with. The trendier places usually gives you the thin rice cake thingies (duk bo sam). Seo Ra Beol did not offer those. It's okay, I like the traditional lettuce method anyway. It feels less messy. The lettuce feels more authentic, less sticky, and you can wrap more stuff inside it.

They also give you a small bowl of beef broth, which tasted lovely. I think every order of meat comes with the deonjang stew too. I can't remember. Although, I think I only saw 2 bowls of deonjang stews even though we ordered a lot more meat than that.

My meat burrito, half constructed.
Other Edible Treats

At the end, we ordered neng myun. The neng myun tasted delicious after eating all that meat. It offered a nice contrast from the smorgasbord of meat we ate. It felt cool and refreshing.

I highly recommend you eat neng myun afterwards too. Even if you feel too full to eat anymore, just try to stuff it down. It tastes good.

One of my dessert, half eaten already before I could take a picture.
I thought the neng myun would make a great dessert, but they surprised me with their actual dessert:  shik hae–a cold, sweet rice drink. It tasted like typical shik hae, cool and sweet.

Mr. Kitty's Thoughts

I enjoyed my experience here. Despite some service hiccups, they can be overlooked since those ladies seem to work hard and late. If you're hungry around 3 AM and in the mood for some meat, check out Sel Ra Beol.

I don't think it's the best Korean BBQ I've eaten, so I guess my search still continues. But I still enjoyed it. Mr Kitty gives this place 4 paws up.

Seo Ra Beol
3040 Steve Reynolds Blvd.
Duluth, GA 30096
(770) 497-1155

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