Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fuego Mundo is on Fire

I'm sorry guys. Like an idiot, I didn't take pictures of the food. I'm still getting used to this whole taking pictures for a food blog thing.

As a back up, I blatantly stole the pictures from their website. Hey, it works. I just hope their lawyers don't sue my tail off.

Anyway, let's get to the actual review:

The Food

First, let me get this out of they way: Their burgers suck. They advertise it as, "The world's best burger." Don't believe them. It tastes like a giant McDonald's burger. The bun, meat, and everything just tastes low quality to me.

Doesn't it look yummy? No way, just go to Evos if you want a burger at the Prado. 
It surprises me on how low quality the burger tastes and looks. I like their meat dishes, but their burgers turns out as a huge disappointment.  Fuego Mundo, you disappoint.

Now for the good parts: their meat dishes. I will give praise for their meat dishes. They offer various combinations of steak, chicken and fish. I usually get the steak combinations, and they always taste  good. They season the meat liberally. It comes with fried plantains and a healthy side combination of your choosing.

Finally, the good stuff.

Fuego Mundo's sides consist mainly of vegetarian or health-conscious style dishes. They offer various vegetables, quinoa, beans, and plantains. If they didn't offer meat, I would say Fuego Mundo seems like a good place for people on the Ornish diet. I'm not a big fan of their sides, however; since being a carnivorous cat,  I rather just have more meat.

Overall, I think Fuego Mundo is going after the health conscious market. I don't know how much salt they sprinkle on the meats, but everything seems healthy. Even the cuts of meat they use taste lean and don't have much fat.

If I ignore the burgers, I think I like everything else here. I like the unique, South American taste. It gives a nice alternative to my regular lunch food I get.

Are Their Prices on Fire too?

If you mean on fire, do you mean kinda expensive? Yes, the food here costs a lot. For lunch, you can expect to pay around $11. However, I do enjoy coming here regularly even though it costs a bit more than the other usual lunch places. And the dishes do taste higher quality to me. So maybe I'm getting the right value.

Mr. Kitty gives this place four paws up.

5590 Roswell Rd
Ste 120
Atlanta, GA 30342
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  1. Could the higher prices be a reflection of Kosher?